Marie Nieves
Nov 5

5 essentials that will turn your bedroom into a cozy oasis




The way you perceive your personal environment is crucial for your overall well-being and happiness. In that respect, the look and feel of your bedroom can significantly affect your personal time as well as the amount of rest and relaxation you can get after a long day. That said, don’t hesitate to put your creativity to work in order to transform your bedroom into a cozy oasis.


1. Start with decluttering and reorganization

Before you proceed with making new purchases for your bedroom, it’s essential that you go through what you already have and assess the functionality of your current bedroom layout. In case your bedroom feels cluttered or features accessories and decorative items that are far from sparking joy in you, it’s time to bid farewell to these pieces. This also includes the clothes in your wardrobe, so don’t hesitate to get rid of anything and everything you seem to never wear. Similarly, switch things up a little bit, if necessary, furniture-wise in order to achieve the most functional layout for you to enjoy.


2. Embrace the textures

Adding more texture to your bedroom is not a mission impossible and can actually make this space warmer ad more pleasant. What’s more, picking out textured pieces with your own taste and preferences in mind will also end up serving as a great decorative aspect of this room without the actual clutter. That said, area rugs (especially under, next to, or in front of the bed) together with adequate curtains will greatly cozy up this particular room. However, this is not all. Don’t hesitate to switch up the bedding for design and material you find most appealing and add a couple of decorative cushions to spice things up.




3. Make sure your bed is just right

Your bed is the focal point of your bedroom. What’s more, it’s the crucial factor when it comes to your proper rest and a good night of sleep. In that respect, if you’re not satisfied with the current look of your bed or if it just feels completely uncomfortable, it might be time to consider replacing it with a new one. After all, this is a justifiable and worthy investment. You might get a rather cold feeling from your bed area, which is where comfy upholstered beds can help tremendously. Essentially, upholstery adds another layer of warmth and texture which can make a significant difference in how you feel when spending time in your bedroom.


4. Enjoy the process of accessorizing

You don’t need too many accessories and details in your bedroom as these can overwhelm you and disturb the quality of your sleep. However, you also need to add a touch of personality; otherwise, the bedroom will feel too empty and far from a cozy oasis. That said, definitely make the most out of art pieces that you find most attractive. For instance, gallery walls seem to be rather popular for this particular decorative aspect. Your favourite plants should also find their designated place in your bedroom. And let’s not forget about scented candles/diffusers and maybe even other decorative necessities such as clocks, jewellery box, and so on.




5. Create a soothing atmosphere with light

Soft light is essential for a beneficial bedroom atmosphere. In general, installing dimmer switches is one of the most popular solutions as this will allow you to adjust the brightness in this room. After all, overly bright light can make you too alert and prevent you from falling asleep properly. However, even if you’re not that interested in taking up the project of dimmer switch installation and want something that would solve the issue of getting up from the bed to turn off the lights, opt for bedside lamps that emit the soft light. These can be nightstand lamps as well as wall lamps just above the bed.


The bedroom is a personal space and, as such, it should reflect your personality without the tendency to overwhelm you. Therefore, keep in mind that online pictures and design ideas are there to inspire you, but only you will be able to pick out the bedroom features that will truly make a difference for you personally and turn your bedroom into a cozy oasis.

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    Every now and then, all houses need to get their share of face-lifting to remain functional. People often like to look at these extensive remodeling projects as a chore. We prefer to think of it as an opportunity. Opportunity for what? Well, to use all the benefits of contemporary design, make your home more water and energy-efficient and save loads of money in years to come. Let us take a look at some of the ways how you can pull this off in the most intuitive and streamlined manner. Install low-flow elements Flushing the toilet is something we do without putting too much thought into it. If we did, we could see that each flush uses up to 9 liters of water . That is a lot. By simply switching to a more economical dual flush system, an average family can save up to 80 liters of clean water per day. Similar results can be achieved by installing low-flow showerheads. This way, the shower water consumption is cut by a pretty awesome 40%. Take care of the windows and doors Windows and doors that are not properly sealed are poison for electric bills during the months you are using heating or air-conditioning. So, at least make sure that any eventual gaps and cracks are properly sealed with silicone caulk. Ideally, however, you should replace both windows and doors with an insulated variety that will do an even better job regulating indoor temperature. Finally, expanding the windows space will allow more sunlight indoors and cut the need for artificial lighting. Inspect the pipe system Pipe systems are laid in a manner that often makes key points very inaccessible and small leaks are sometimes very hard to notice until it’s too late. Because of that, do a thorough inspection to make sure everything is okay. If you need to do an intervention, the good news is that you don’t need to take the walls down. If we look at Australia, for example, we can see that professional pipe relining in Sydney has become a very popular way of dealing with leaks in this city because all the repairs are made non-intrusively. Make the lighting energy-efficient According to some estimations, LED and CFL light bulbs are able to cut the energy consumption by a staggering 70% , as compared to the traditional incandescent alternatives. Switching to them makes an obvious and not overly costly move. However, you should consider going one step further and turning your indoor lighting into a layered setup. This way, you won’t need to light the entire room but rely solely on task lighting when necessary. Insulate the house Proper house insulation produces a lot of interesting benefits. It reduces the footprint of your home, increases comfort, puts you in a position to get governmental rebates, and, most importantly, reduces the heating costs up to 75%. In combination with the previous upgrades we've mentioned, this move should ensure that your upkeep costs will be kept at the bare minimum. However, make sure to use only eco-friendly insulation materials like wool, hemp, and soy-based foams. Start reclaiming water The first thing that comes to mind when someone talks about reclaiming water is collecting rainfall, so that is exactly what you do. And you don't even have to invest in some expensive collection system. Just adapt your existing sewage system and gutters to pour down the water into a barrel. However, if this simple move is not enough for you, know that installing a greywater filtration system can save up to 40% of used water. We hope these few tips will help you use your next renovation to make your house a lot more sustainable. Sure, you will need to put in some extra effort and some upgrades will require palpable upfront investments. But, your hardships will be more than rewarded further down the road.
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    If you want your home to always look good, you have to stay on top of your household cleaning. This is often easier said and done, especially when you have to balance your day-to-day chores with your work and social life. Luckily, there are so many things you can use to make your home sparkle and still allow yourself some free time. With that said, take a good look at this ultimate house cleaning checklist and make sure your house never gets too dirty. Cleaners Obviously, the most important part of every home cleaning kit are cleaners. There are special products for different surfaces and having one of each is recommended. However, it’s also a good idea to grab an all-purpose cleaner just in case the products you have are ineffective on some surfaces in your home. This is especially the case if you’re preparing for a big cleaning and plan to go room by room. If you want your windows and mirrors sparkling, picking up a glass cleaner is a must. Most experts prefer spray versions of cleaners but you can also pull it off using diluted concentrated solutions. Cleaning cloths You can’t start a home cleaning project without a few of these in your kit. Start by getting a few generic clothes as these things always come in handy. They’re ideal for using alongside multipurpose cleaners and scrubbing surfaces such as your bathtub or kitchen counters. Another type of cloths you need in your arsenal are microfiber cloths which are guaranteed to help you pick up dust and any other kind of debris. Fiber is finer than cotton, allowing you to get deeper into crevices and remove marks from most surfaces. Garbage bags Cleaning your home involves throwing a lot of stuff away. This means you need garbage bags you can put all things you no longer need in. Although picking up bags for your thrash sounds simple, there’s much more to it than it meets the eye. The garbage bags for your home cleaning project needs to be in line with stuff you’ll be throwing away as bags that are too thick will often end up torn apart. Another thing to take into consideration is how eco-friendly you want your garbage bags to be. Once you pick your bags it’s time to find a rubbish removal company you can hire. Gloves From the kitchen to the basement, a pair of dishwashing gloves can help you get all your cleaning done and protect your hands along the way. One of the biggest reasons why using gloves when cleaning is recommended is that they provide a better grip and help you ensure you don’t break any item while cleaning. They also protect your skin from hot water and harsh chemicals which are often used in house cleaning projects. Not to mention that wearing gloves is a great way to avoid having to touch any icky and gross stuff. Paper towels If you don’t have paper towels in your kitchen, picking them up before you start cleaning can be a real lifesaver. Some surfaces simply have to be cleaned with these things in order to avoid ruining your cleaning cloths. They’re also quite effective when it comes to cleaning glass surfaces. If you plan to scrub your windows, using old newspaper can get the job done as well. Just bear in mind that paper towel isn’t particularly eco-friendly and if you want to aid in preserving the environment, don’t make a habit of using it at all times. Equip yourself with all these items and you’ll start cleaning better and faster. Remember to keep all your cleaning supplies neat and organized so that you always have everything you need at hand.
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    7 days ago

    Certain repairs and maintenance tasks are not just important so that our house can look better, but we also do them because we want to feel as comfortable as possible and we want everything in our home to function well. It doesn’t matter if our house is an old one or we have just bought a new one, it is always a good time for some home improvement tips because there is always something that we can work with. From updating what’s old to add more value to your house, to installing a solar system that saves energy, learn what you can do if you feel like changing a thing or two in your house! Collaboration with handymen and electricians If there is something in your house that needs to be fixed or repaired, find professionals who will help you with everything you need. You can find a good handyman or a contractor, someone skilled at a wide range of repairs around the home. It’s better and much safer to invest in getting an expert to fix any problem than try to do it yourself because they are trained and skilled in solving problems of this kind and you aren’t. Moreover, in Australia, whenever people feel like it’s time for some interior improvement, it’s common that they collaborate with an electrician as well because usually people renovate older homes that have no capacity to accommodate today’s high power demands. Therefore, if you come from Sydney, any interior home improvement should also be accompanied by getting a number of a good and skilled Sydney electrician because they are well-informed and they know exactly what has to be done, so they can add wires or whatever your house needs and they can help you with all your ideas, making them even more brilliant. Of course, if you come from another city, find someone who is nearby. Updating and replacing old items If you have a bathroom and kitchen that now look too old-fashioned, perhaps it’s time to do something about it. You can update these rooms by adding the latest tile floors and other items that look more contemporary and you can replace lighting fixtures. Here is a list of fifty inspiring bathroom updates that you may find helpful because it can give you some awesome ideas. If you can afford it, invest in new modern furniture, and today you can find so many beautiful design ideas on the Internet and in magazines. In addition, if your rugs and carpets are worn out and too old, you should remember to replace these as well. First replace the ones that require urgent attention and later you can think about the rest. Basically, anything that now looks too worn out should be replaced with something new and modern, something without a scratch you will enjoy looking at. Installing solar water heater systems Many people these days are choosing to try the solar water heater system. They do it because this way they can enjoy free energy from the sun, they avoid rising energy costs, the hot water is available all the time, etc. There are many reasons why you should consider it as well, and if you do, you should know there are many variables in installing it because of different system types. Also, the components which are used vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Cleaning your house thoroughly Lastly, you can also think about in-depth cleaning, especially if you haven’t done it in a while. Today there are incredible home cleaning services that do all the work for us, and they are very thorough. They make a home pristine clean because they use quality equipment that not all people have in their homes. Sure, we can always find more things to do, but these tips should cover everything that’s necessary. Always call professionals when you need something fixed, and think about updating and replacing items that are old-fashioned and worn out. Lastly, install a solar water heater system and clean your home thoroughly, and you will enjoy living there more than ever!